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Tesco takes on Amazon Fresh with launch of ‘just walk out’ store

Tesco's GetGo store uses Trigo's technology to track shoppers' carts, and bills when they leave
The Guardian
October 18, 2021

Tesco is fighting back against Amazon with its first “just walk out” store, where it is possible to buy groceries without having to scan items or visit a till.

The supermarket’s GetGo store in Holborn, central London, follows a small trial of a similar store at Tesco head office in Welwyn Garden City, which has been selling goods to the retailer’s staff since 2019.

Weight sensors in the shelves work with an AI system that can track an individual’s movement around the store and monitor the items they pick up via cameras, which follow each shopper. The AI system works by building a unique skeleton outline of each person rather than using facial recognition.

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