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Why Hetz

Like the founders in whom we invest, we work as a team, and we’re ambitious, agile and fully-committed.
It’s how we understand partnerships.

Partnerships only work if there is transparency, respect and good communication - which all help with trust. It starts from day one, with an average 20 days from first meeting to signing (we respect your time while engaging in a thorough, dedicated DD process).

It’s how we work.

We are tech-native (we come from backgrounds being hands-on in tech environments), we are process-driven (makes it easier and more solid to make decisions), we are focused on our areas of expertise, when we dive into a new area - we build a case for it through deep diving, and prepare ourselves to take it on.

It’s our network.

We handpick our LPs from Israel and beyond as well as targeting corporate executives to create a connected and actionable global network, ready to tap into at any time.

It’s our mindset.

We’re like you - our fuel is ambition, our mode is full-speed, and our super power is agility. We probably work similar hours if not longer than you, just as eager to help you get your company to the next level. We’re aiming for extraordinary.

It’s our values-driven culture.

Meet us in our office, and you’ll see a team sitting together in the same room. You’ll find our intellectual curiosity mixed with intellectual integrity - ready to learn from what worked, but even more so from what didn’t. And you’ll understand quickly that we see ourselves as part of a bigger ecosystem; we know it’s critical to give back; we stay conscious of where our money comes from.