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What if we could navigate careers like we navigate traffic?

After 100+ years of hiring with a mass production mindset, it’s time to apply personalization to managing the workforce.
Judah Taub
March 11, 2021

The traditional approach to HR, born out of the industrial revolution, focuses on standardization and compartmentalization of the workforce. However, personalization, a concept prevalent in many other aspects of modern life, has yet to be applied effectively in the workplace. The challenge lies in relating to employees as individuals with unique skills and potential, especially as job descriptions and required skills rapidly evolve., an Israeli startup, aims to address this challenge by using AI and graph theory to create a personalized HR system. Similar to how Waze optimizes routes for drivers, maps job attributes, skill sets, and capabilities to optimize career paths from point A to B and beyond. This system enables companies to identify employees who can be reskilled for new roles and supports non-linear career pathways. With the ever-changing nature of the workplace, a personalized navigation system becomes crucial for individuals to navigate their careers successfully in this shifting environment.

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