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Centralized customer-facing workspace to collaborate through the buying process

Aligned offers a platform designed for sales teams and customers, through a centralized customer-facing workspace to collaborate through the buying process. By providing a centralized workspace, Aligned facilitates seamless interactions, empowering both parties to engage in effective and efficient conversations. Its mission is to transform the dynamics between sales teams and customers, fostering frictionless, enjoyable, and impactful business interactions. 

With Aligned, managing and sharing resources becomes effortless as all assets, including decks, case studies, product videos, e-books, and more, are consolidated within each customer's workspace. Furthermore, navigating the complexities of deal control and customer onboarding becomes a breeze, as Aligned ensures accountability on both ends and offers greater control over the entire process. Leveraging this powerful platform, businesses can gain invaluable insights into the buyer's journey post-meeting, enabling them to prevent deal loss, seize opportunities, and achieve a better alignment with their buyers.

The Aligned team, including founders Gal Aga, Yotam Sela, and Gal Deirsch