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Developer observability platform

Digma is a developer observability and continuous feedback platform designed to enhance software development processes. With a focus on empowering developers and bridging the information gap, Digma provides crucial visibility into code performance in real-world scenarios, enabling early problem detection and resolution. By integrating code insights directly into the integrated development environment (IDE) and development tools, Digma ensures seamless access to key observability metrics throughout the development cycle.

By leveraging OpenTelemetry, Digma effortlessly collects data, including traces, logs, and metrics, allowing developers to gain valuable insights about their code's behavior. This data analysis process uncovers regressions, anomalies, code smells, and other patterns, providing meaningful information to inform and improve the development process. With Digma, developers can accelerate development cycles, particularly in complex code bases, by eliminating the need for time-consuming analysis of raw data and dashboards. By shortening the feedback cycle, Digma enables developers to ship better code, document their excellence, and celebrate their experience.

Digma's team

The Observant Developer: OpenTelemetry from Code to Prod

Roni Dover, CTO Digma