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Zero Trust Workforce access platform

Infinipoint is an Identity Access Security company redefining the way workforce access is done. Infinipoint eliminates account and device takeover attacks by marrying passwordless user and device authentication, with robust device posture checks, in a single-sign-on process.

With Infinipoint, companies can verify every user, device and login request and block phishing, prompt fatigue and weak device posture attacks. And with one-click-remediations at the point-of-access, users don’t get blocked and can keep working, uninterrupted.

As for IT teams, Infinipoint provides a device compliance and remediation gate, on access. Now they can focus on designing access policies that will be verified on every login request while keeping a delightful seamless login process for their users.

The Infinipoint team, including founders Elad Wexler and Ran Lampart