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End-point security and management platform

Infinipoint is a end-point security and management platform that offers a comprehensive solution to address zero trust for workstations and mobile devices. As a DiiaS (Device Identity as a Service) solution, Infinipoint enables organizations to remotely manage, orchestrate, and collect data from every device on their network, including desktops, laptops, phones, and more.

The DIaaS offering provided by Infinipoint is a game-changer in device identity and posture solutions. Integrated as part of the SSO (Single-Sign-On) authentication, it serves as a single enforcement point for enterprise services, allowing controlled access based on a user-device-service sequence. This solution leverages real-world risk intelligence to enforce static and dynamic policies, while also providing device security status and one-click remediation of vulnerabilities. Infinipoint's DIaaS is a fully managed cloud-based self-service offering, providing unmatched scalability, performance, and simplified management. It fills the missing "device piece" of the Zero Trust security model, as guided by industry leaders such as Gartner, NIST, and Google. By protecting access to an organization's data and services and transforming endpoints into a world-class security posture, Infinipoint prevents real-world breaches and delivers tangible business outcomes.

The Infinipoint team, including founders Elad Wexler and Ran Lampart
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