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GraphQL APIs and software security development�

Inigo is a company specializing in GraphQL APIs and software security development. With a mission to deliver enterprise-grade integration with both open-source and commercial GraphQL servers, Inigo introduces a groundbreaking approach to observing, managing, and securing APIs. Their comprehensive product offerings serve as a gateway into a company's production environment and customer data, ensuring unmatched security and reliability.

One of the core challenges in GraphQL lies in its relative unfamiliarity to engineers and security teams. Inigo recognizes this blind spot and offers a solution with contextualized analytics and error handling, providing essential support for healthy GraphQL systems operating at scale. With Inigo, organizations gain query-level granularity and subgraph visibility, empowering them to optimize performance and ensure seamless operations. By embracing GraphQL, companies are exposed to new attack surfaces and vulnerabilities. Inigo stays one step ahead by equipping clients with runtime query protection, schema-based access control, and object-based rate limiting. These robust security measures proactively mitigate risks and safeguard valuable assets. In addition to enhancing security, Inigo addresses vulnerabilities holistically, boosting visibility, achieving compliance, and enabling scalable operations. Their agnostic solution is designed to adapt to diverse infrastructures, empowering organizations to optimize their systems efficiently.

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