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SaaS-enabled network for insurance compliance

Jones is a proptech company that specializes in insurance compliance solutions for the real estate and construction industries. With their innovative SaaS-enabled network, Jones empowers property management and construction companies to effectively manage insurance risk across their entire portfolio, projects, and applications. 

By offering a comprehensive software application and API, Jones streamlines and simplifies the risk and compliance workflow, providing commercial real estate owners and managers with a powerful tool to ensure compliance with insurance requirements. Jones automates Certificate of Insurance (COI) management, seamlessly integrates insurance compliance processes, and enables efficient risk management. Their solution caters to various stakeholders, including property management and risk teams, real estate owners and asset managers, general and specialty contractors, and insurance brokers. By leveraging Jones' expertise, businesses can reduce insurance risk and enhance their overall operational efficiency.

Commercial real estate startup Jones announces $12.5 million Series A

Commercial real estate startup Jones announces $12.5 million Series A
Jones founders Michael Rudman and Omri Stern