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Payment solution for kids

Mozper is a Latin-American fintech company specializing in providing a secure and user-friendly payment solution for children. Designed for kids under the age of 18, Mozper's innovative debit/prepaid card can be easily managed by parents, making it the ideal choice for teaching children how to handle their finances responsibly.

With Mozper, parents can conveniently oversee and control their children's expenses, ensuring a safe and controlled financial environment. The physical card empowers children to make purchases and withdraw money from ATMs, while the virtual card offers a secure online shopping experience. Offering the flexibility to block and unblock cards as needed, Mozper puts parents in charge, allowing them to monitor expenses and prioritize security. By utilizing Mozper, parents can foster their children's financial intelligence while avoiding any unexpected surprises on their cards.

Mozper founders Yael Israeli and Gabriel Roizner

Mozper Banks $3.55M To Develop Debit Card, App For LatAm Children

Mozper Banks $3.55M To Develop Debit Card, App For LatAm Children