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8fig gives smaller e-commerce businesses the ‘C-suite’ they’ve always wanted

8fig nets $140M to help e-commerce businesses grow amidst economic crisis
May 9, 2023

8fig, an e-commerce-focused company based in Austin and Israel, is expanding its offerings to provide a "C-suite" for e-commerce companies. The company, which initially focused on lending and supply chain management tools, has launched AI CFO, a self-serve web application that enables e-commerce businesses to automate cash flow planning. CEO Yaron Shapira emphasized the importance of cash flow management as companies grow and become more complex. With $140 million in recent funding, 8fig plans to develop a full AI executive suite, including AI chief marketing officer and AI chief operating officer features. The company aims to assist e-commerce businesses in planning and improving their operations, ultimately driving success in a rapidly evolving market.

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