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Acumen nabs $7M seed to keep engineering teams on track

Engineering teams face steep challenges when it comes to staying on schedule, which can impact the entire organization. Acumen announced a $7 million seed investment to help tackle this problem.
February 23, 2021

Acumen, an Israeli engineering operations startup, has secured a $7 million seed investment to address the challenges faced by engineering teams in staying on schedule. The funding round was led by Hetz, 10D, Crescendo, and Jibe. After a year of working with beta customers, Acumen has emerged from stealth mode.

The co-founders of Acumen, including CEO Nevo Alva, observed that engineering teams often struggle as they grow due to a lack of data and insight into their performance. To address this, Acumen collects data from planning and communication tools used by engineering teams and applies machine learning algorithms to identify potential problems that could impact schedules. The information is presented in a customizable dashboard, providing team leaders with visibility into possible bottlenecks and suggestions for prevention.

Acumen spent 10 months working with design partners to develop the product, ensuring it met the necessary standards. The company is launching publicly this week after being in closed private beta since last year. Acumen plans to expand its team from 20 to 30 employees by the end of the year and emphasizes that location is no longer a significant factor in hiring, with employees based in Israel, the U.S., and Eastern Europe.

While acknowledging competing products like Harness and Pinpoint, Acumen believes its focus on data and machine learning sets it apart in the market. The company will now embark on its go-to-market efforts to promote its solution to engineering teams.

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