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An Israeli VC developed an open source tool for evaluating startups [Hebrew]

An Israeli VC developed an open source tool [Hebrew]
January 4, 2023

Despite understanding the various fields of technology, investments and finance, venture capital funds cannot always compete with an enthusiastic CTO of a startup in the knowledge and familiarity of the technology he is developing. This is precisely the reason that an Israeli venture capital fund raised the gauntlet and presented today a development that will test the products of those startups and their performance against competitors in the market.

Hetz Ventures has developed a new open source tool called repoInspector , which examines the repository on GitHub of startups in which the fund is considering investing. The new tool provides investors with insights based on the analysis of the users of the product - the general number and the number of active users, the location of the users around the world, and the association of the users.

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