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Auchan and Trigo launch autonomous grocery store in France

Auchan and Trigo launch autonomous grocery store in France
Retail Insight
May 8, 2023

French retail group Auchan Retail has partnered with Israeli computer vision company Trigo to launch an autonomous grocery store called "Go store." Located at Auchan's head office in Villeneuve d'Ascq, France, the store aims to support employees by providing snacking and convenience shopping options. Equipped with Trigo's AI-powered checkout and retail analytics solution called "EasyOut," customers can enter the store by tapping their debit or credit card at the entrance gate. Trigo's computer vision cameras and shelf sensors automatically detect and tally the products shoppers take, facilitating seamless checkout and providing digital receipts. The system adheres to data protection regulations, ensuring anonymity of customer movements and product choices. Trigo has also provided its AI-based system, "EasyStock," to help manage inventory in real time and perform other store-related tasks. The collaboration aims to enhance the shopping experience, drive sales, and increase customer loyalty.

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