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Becoming a founder’s first choice — an interview with Pavel Livshiz from Hetz Ventures

Pavel Livshiz represents the new wave of GPs who are shaping the Israeli VC ecosystem. After spending several years in the Israeli army’s elite technological intelligence units, as well as having gathered business experience from investment banking, strategic consulting, and startups, he is well equipped to thrive in his VC career.
VC Leaders
January 20, 2021

Pavel Livshiz is a partner at Hetz Ventures, a Tel Aviv-based VC firm focused on investing in enterprise software companies. With a background in aerospace engineering and experience in investment banking, consulting, and startups, Pavel is well-suited for his role in venture capital. He enjoys working with smart people, the competitive nature of investing, and helping founders build their businesses.

According to Pavel, founders should look for VCs who can provide attention and assistance, help with hiring top talent, and offer valuable advice. Hetz Ventures follows a thesis-driven approach and aims to become the go-to seed fund for Israeli startups. Pavel believes their competitive edge lies in their international network, thorough due diligence process, and young and agile team.

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