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Datadog strengthens API observability with Seekret acquisition

Datadog has announced the acquisition of Seekret – an Israeli company specializing in API observability.
August 4, 2022

Datadog, a New York-based cloud monitoring platform provider, has acquired Seekret, an Israeli company specializing in API observability. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. APIs have become a crucial part of modern cloud applications, but many organizations struggle to manage and monitor the growing number of APIs, leading to inaccurate understanding of their health, availability, and security. Seekret offers an automated platform that enables the discovery, visualization, and documentation of both private and public APIs, helping customers manage APIs across their environments. Datadog plans to integrate Seekret's capabilities into its security and observability offerings and develop features to better manage API health, availability, and security. The acquisition of Seekret is part of Datadog's strategy to enhance its offerings through acquisitions. The company has made several acquisitions in recent years, expanding its capabilities in areas such as collaboration, debugging, cybersecurity, and observability pipelines. Datadog faces competition from players like Dynatrace and Splunk in the monitoring space but is known for its breadth of offerings.

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