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[Digma] The Modern Developer Stack — 2022 Edition

The Modern Developer Stack — 2022 Edition - Roni Dover, CTO Digma
Better Programming
May 24, 2022

Roni Dover discusses the current state of the developer stack in 2022 and the tools and practices that have become integral to modern development. Included are insights from various industry experts, including Scott Hanselman, Ilai Fallach, and Juraci Paixão Kröhling.

The development landscape has evolved, with smaller teams taking on more responsibilities such as DevOps, technical responsibilities, K8S operations, Docker, and cloud architectures. The IDE of choice for many developers is VS Code, known for its customizability, lightweight nature, and support for multiple programming languages.

Containerized development environments have gained popularity, allowing developers to work in a consistent and portable manner. Technologies like VS DevContainers and CodeSpaces provide options for developing within containers, eliminating the need for complex setup processes.

GitHub and source control-integrated tools have become more central to the development pipeline. GitHub Actions, in particular, simplifies the creation of pipelines and automated processes, reducing the reliance on heavier CI/CD frameworks.

Observability and analysis have also seen advancements. OpenTelemetry has emerged as the leading standard for observability, with support for common platforms and technologies. Tools like Jaeger and Prometheus are used for tracing and metrics. Semgrep, a static analysis tool, is helpful for finding vulnerabilities and writing custom linting rules.

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