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[Digma] The Observant Developer — Part 1 by Roni Dover

[Digma] The Observant Developer — Part 1 by Roni Dover
Better Programming
May 3, 2022

Roni Dover highlights the importance of observability in software development and emphasizes that it should be a concern for developers, not just operations or DevOps teams. Historically, observability has been overlooked by developers, who focused primarily on coding features. However, with the increasing complexity of software systems, it has become crucial for developers to understand how their code behaves in real-world scenarios.

Observability encompasses various aspects such as monitoring, tracing, logging, profiling, and application performance management (APM). It provides insights into the behavior of code and helps validate assumptions, improve performance, ensure stability, and optimize for the right things.

Roni mentions the emergence of accessible tools and technologies in the observability ecosystem, with OpenTelemetry being a significant development. OpenTelemetry is an open specification that covers tracing, logging, and metrics. It has gained widespread support and provides instrumentation libraries for various programming languages, platforms, and frameworks.

By leveraging observability tools and frameworks like OpenTelemetry, developers can gain valuable insights and measurements to enhance their understanding of code execution, identify constraints, and validate changes.

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