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Expanso nets $7.5M to pioneer distributed data processing for enterprises

Expanso is a better way to handle data assets with distributed processing
November 21, 2023

Expanso, specializing in data processing and handling large volumes of information,  announced a $7.5 million seed funding round led by Hetz Ventures and General Catalyst. Expanso's primary focus is on enhancing its data processing platform, 'Bacalhau', which is designed to facilitate distributed processing and handle data assets more efficiently. The company intends to use this capital to accelerate Bacalhau's development and expand its reach to more enterprise users. The platform aims to allow teams to process information directly where it resides, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

Expanso's Bacalhau system addresses the challenges of managing distributed data. It operates on distributed systems already in place within organizations, scheduling computing jobs in relation to the data's location. This approach significantly reduces the need for data movement across networks, simplifying workflows, and potentially offering cost savings. Bacalhau has already been employed in various applications, running over 2 million jobs since its public demo earlier this year. Its user base is growing, with notable clients including the U.S. Navy and several universities and labs. Looking forward, Expanso aims to expand Bacalhau's capabilities and user base, responding to evolving enterprise needs and maximizing its technology's impact.

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