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Israel is resilient - we feel it, know it, and live it every day

Hetz Statement on the Resilience of Israel
Hetz Ventures
October 13, 2023

As too many of us know firsthand, this is a devastating period for the State of Israel. Along with the world, we are horrified by the atrocities committed by Hamas against our people, forever affecting countless lives across our communities. 

From past tragedies, the world knows that Israelis rally quickly. We are infinitely proud of the civilian mobilization to support more than 100,000 citizens forcibly displaced and evacuated from their homes across the south of Israel.

Members of our team and at our portfolio companies have been called to reserve duty along with hundreds of thousands of others. Our remaining team members are managing to volunteer, donate and support their communities while keeping business moving forward at Hetz - from critical operations, portfolio company support, and communication with our stakeholders. 

To the 500+ funds around the world who signed the Venture Capital Community Statement of Support for Israel, we thank you. Israel’s tech ecosystem is strong, and will continue to be, especially knowing we have your support. 

Israel is resilient - we feel it, know it, and live it every day. Along with the rest of the country, we look forward to a near future of peaceful days in our region.

Judah, Pavel, and the Hetz Team