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Intel confirms acquisition of AI-based workload optimization startup Granulate, reportedly for up to $650M

Chip giant Intel has announced that it is acquiring Granulate, to continue extending both its operations in Israel and the tools that Intel provides to customers to better manage traffic on Intel-powered kit.
March 30, 2022

Intel has announced its acquisition of Israeli startup Granulate for a reported $650 million. Granulate specializes in applying artificial intelligence to optimize high-priority computing workloads, improving their efficiency as they traverse customers' cloud and on-premises networks. The acquisition aligns with Intel's goal of expanding its operations in Israel and enhancing its offerings for managing traffic on Intel-powered networks. Granulate's software, which works across multiple cloud and on-premise environments, can significantly improve response times and throughput while reducing costs for organizations. The acquisition is part of Intel's broader effort to strengthen its tools and services portfolio, enabling better network management and competing with companies like Nvidia. Granulate's existing collaboration with Intel and its partnerships with major tech players make it a natural fit for the chip giant. The acquisition is expected to close in Q2 2022, with all 120 Granulate employees joining Intel.

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