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Is the new money wisdom to stop saving?

‘Save money and money will save you.’ The pithy slogan of a major Swiss bank reflects the imparted wisdom of many generations: Money today is more valuable than money tomorrow. In a world of price inflation and multiple options to invest and grow your savings, this adage has served well. But a number of cases I’ve come across recently suggest that this may be changing.
Judah Taub
December 1, 2021

The traditional wisdom that "money today is more valuable than money tomorrow" may be changing, as observed in recent cases. Examples include buyers wanting to pay upfront for goods and services, investors seeking immediate investment opportunities, and successful business owners hesitant to sell due to uncertain future investment prospects. This shift challenges the belief that saving money is always the best approach. It remains uncertain whether this change is a temporary pendulum effect influenced by inflation or a more profound shift. In light of this evolving financial landscape, reevaluating financial strategies and teaching children to strike a balance between spending and saving may be prudent.

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