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Israeli 'no checkout' technology helps Tesco, Rewe compete with Amazon

Trigo now has contracts with five of the world’s top 10 grocery retailers, and is getting attention from chains around the world.
Jerusalem Post
October 31, 2021

The concept of "just walk out" shopping, where customers can enter a store, select items, and leave without waiting in checkout lines or scanning items, is gaining traction in Europe. Three major grocery retailers, including Tesco Express in London and REWE in Germany, have recently opened cashierless stores using technology provided by Israeli company Trigo. Customers download the store's app, scan a QR code upon entry, and then cameras track their movements and items selected, ensuring accurate and fraud-proof checkout. This technology allows traditional retailers to compete with Amazon's expanding network of cashierless stores, such as Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh. Trigo has contracts with five of the world's top 10 grocery retailers and plans to expand further into the US market next year. The system not only improves the shopping experience by eliminating waiting in line but also provides valuable business intelligence for retailers, enabling real-time inventory control, marketing insights, and product popularity analysis. Trigo intends to broaden its application to other types of stores, including department stores, electronics, and toy stores in the future.

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