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Israeli startup Anima raises $2.5M to solve the designer programmer rift

An Israeli company named Anima wants to relieve the stress and allow designers to export code to the programming team, without needing to learn how to code or switching between different unfamiliar programming languages.
September 2, 2020

Anima, an Israeli company, aims to improve collaboration between design teams and development squads by allowing designers to export code to programmers without the need for coding knowledge. The system integrates with popular design software like Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma, enabling designers to export their projects as active prototypes with animations and assets. Programmers can continue using their preferred frameworks, while Anima's system handles the translation of design into code. Anima recently completed a $2.5 million seed funding round led by Zohar Gilon and Hetz Ventures. The company targets the B2B SaaS market and counts Facebook, Google, Amazon, Cisco, and other major companies among its customers.

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