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“It’s our job as technologists to improve and make AI better"

“It’s our job as technologists to improve and make AI better"
February 27, 2023

During a panel discussion at the "Developers at the Front" conference, technology experts discussed the impact of AI on information retrieval and its potential to disrupt various industries. They highlighted how AI can enable faster and more effective work by providing additional information, recommendations, and insights. However, the issue of unreliable or fabricated information generated by AI models was acknowledged as a challenge that needs to be addressed. The panelists mentioned ongoing efforts by companies like Microsoft and Google to improve the reliability of AI systems. They also emphasized the importance of explainability, where AI can provide reasoning behind its results, allowing users to assess the reliability and make informed decisions. The experts agreed that while current AI models aim for mathematical accuracy, they may not always reflect reality accurately. Despite these challenges, the panelists believed that integrating AI tools into search engines can bring value to users and that it is the responsibility of technologists to continue improving AI technology.

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