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On the road to fusion energy, something’s missing: Israel

Private fusion energy companies will demonstrate sustainable, clean power in 2025; meanwhile, where are Israeli startups?
Judah Taub
May 9, 2021

While Israel has not yet produced a fusion energy startup, there are several reasons why it would be beneficial for the country to get involved in this sector.

Firstly, Israel's engineering-focused high-tech labor force is well-equipped for engineer-led development, which is a significant aspect of fusion energy research. With startups leading the way in this field, the innovative mindset and problem-solving approaches of Israeli engineers could contribute to finding alternative and applicable solutions.

Secondly, Israel has a history of overcoming near-impossible technological challenges, often through precision and advanced computation. The country's military-influenced high-tech sector has the right mindset, background, and motivation to engage in ambitious technological campaigns, similar to its successful SpaceIL mission.

Lastly, Israel stands to gain geopolitically from the development of fusion energy. As a nation surrounded by hostile neighbors who are largely funded by oil, reducing global dependency on oil would enhance Israel's security and reduce vulnerabilities associated with oil supply and geopolitics.

Considering these factors, Israel has strong potential to make significant contributions to the field of fusion energy and benefit from the advancements in this clean and sustainable energy source.

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