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Prompt Security wants to make GenAI safe for the enterprise

Prompt Security comes out of stealth with a $5M seed round led by Hetz Ventures
January 24, 2024

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Businesses are rapidly adopting generative AI for both internal use and customer-facing applications, but this swift integration raises significant security concerns. Many companies are only now becoming aware of these issues, including the risks of data leakage through employee use of unauthorized AI tools, referred to as "shadow AI."

In response to these challenges, Israel-based Prompt Security aims to help organizations protect sensitive data from being exposed to generative AI tools. The company, which is emerging from stealth mode, has announced a $5 million seed funding round led by Hetz Ventures. Founded by Itamar Golan and Lior Drihem, who have backgrounds in AI and security, Prompt Security focuses on safeguarding the new attack surfaces created by these technologies.

Prompt Security addresses the lack of awareness among Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) about the generative AI tools accessed within their networks and the associated risks, such as the potential for sharing personal information with these services. This concern extends to compliance with regulatory standards. The company offers solutions like browser extensions and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) plugins to detect and manage GenAI usage patterns, ensuring minimal impact on user experience. Additionally, the company is tackling security vulnerabilities in GenAI chat applications, like prompt injections and potential unauthorized code executions within networks. As the interest in GenAI security grows among CISOs, Prompt Security plans to expand its services, focusing on application security during production, development, and testing phases, aiming to provide a comprehensive platform for GenAI security management.