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Redefining Economic Growth For A Climate-Conscious World

The case for including climate considerations in our standard economic measures
Judah Taub
September 28, 2023

In his Forbes column, Judah Taub underscores the inadequacies of traditional economic metrics like Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in capturing the comprehensive picture of a nation's socioeconomic well-being, especially in the context of the climate crisis and environmental sustainability. He highlights the substantial economic repercussions of climate change, such as property damage and lost productivity, which are often not fully encapsulated by conventional economic indicators. While some nations have begun exploring alternative metrics, there is a pressing need for a universally accepted measure that directly incorporates the impact of climate change, proposing a potential new metric termed Gross Climate Impact (GCI). GCI would encompass standard GDP components while integrating a crucial additional factor: climate impact, which could be evaluated based on a nation's carbon emissions, environmental degradation, and resilience to climate change.

The implementation of a climate-focused economic measurement like GCI could notably influence policy and business priorities, enhance transparency and efficiency in evaluating the climate impact of economic actions, and elevate public awareness regarding the urgency of the climate crisis. There is a pivotal role of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advancing corporate sustainability, citing examples of startups that are leveraging these technologies to optimize energy consumption, provide detailed insights into a company’s carbon footprint, and facilitate ethical sourcing by tracking the environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

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