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Retailing automation co Trigo Vision raises $7m seed round

Trigo Vision has unveiled its system for eliminating the checkout process by tracking customers in stores.
July 10, 2018

Trigo Vision, a retail automation company based in Tel Aviv, has secured $7 million in seed funding from Hetz Ventures and Vertex Ventures Israel. The company has developed a system that utilizes a network of sophisticated ceiling-based cameras and machine vision algorithms to track and capture customers' shopping items with high accuracy as they move through a store, eliminating the need for traditional checkouts. Trigo Vision plans to use the funding to expand its research and development team and develop new applications for its technology. The company's founders, Michael and Daniel Gabay, have extensive experience in military intelligence projects. Trigo Vision's platform requires fewer cameras compared to other solutions and offers flexibility and scalability for easy deployment in stores of any size. The company is in talks with major retailers globally and aims to be the first to deploy its platform in a live retail store.

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