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Silk Security Emerges from Stealth With $12.5 Million Seed Funding

Silk Security Announces $12.5 Million Seed Funding with Inside Partners, Hetz Ventures and Crowdstrike Falcon Fund
Security Week
August 1, 2023

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Silk Security, a New York-based cybersecurity startup, has emerged from stealth with $12.5 million in seed funding from investors such as Insight Partners, Hetz Ventures, the CrowdStrike Falcon Fund, and several prominent angel investors. Founded in 2022 by a team with backgrounds at Avanan, Ermetic, and Facebook, Silk Security aims to streamline the interaction between security and development teams through a 'find and fix' platform that helps mitigate security risks more efficiently.

The Silk platform works by integrating with a variety of threat detection solutions and collaboration tools. It consolidates alerts from multiple detection systems, performs automated triage based on the specific threats to a client's environment, and generates a prioritized remediation scheme that includes specific advice for the development team. As it navigates through an AI/ML pipeline, Silk identifies duplicates, enriches context, and pinpoints the remediation owner. By packaging the logic behind the prioritization output into a clear recommendation, it helps bridge the gap between detection and remediation, thus reducing the time organizations are at risk due to security vulnerabilities.