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Tabnine readies AI-generated unit testing for developers

Tabnine readies AI-generated unit testing for developers
February 23, 2023

Tabnine, the developer of an AI-powered coding assistant, has unveiled a new tool for automatic code testing. The unit test generation capability, currently in beta, utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically generate unit tests for code, aiming to reduce bugs and enhance code stability. Supported programming languages include Python, Java, and JavaScript. The tool, part of the Tabnine Enterprise coding assistant platform, learns from code being written and improves its ability to generate unit tests that align with a developer's coding style and patterns with increased usage. Developers can sign up for the beta program on Tabnine's website, and the service can be integrated with Microsoft's Visual Studio Code editor and JetBrains IDEs. The general availability of the test generation capability is expected in the second quarter of this year. Tabnine had previously introduced Tabnine Enterprise, an AI assistant for developers offering code completions and automating repetitive code creation. The company's AI models are trained solely on repositories with open-source licenses. Tabnine also highlighted differences between Tabnine Enterprise and GitHub Copilot Enterprise, emphasizing code privacy, open-source compliance, and the training of AI models on private code.

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