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Tech’s Ageism Problem is Getting Old

My friend is a successful serial entrepreneur. He also happens to be in his sixties.
September 15, 2020

While there is a common belief that startups are dominated by young individuals, the author acknowledges the value of true life experience in the entrepreneurial journey. While youth brings energy, innovation, and tech-savviness, it cannot replace the wisdom and guidance provided by experienced individuals who have traveled similar paths before. The author emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with seasoned professionals who can provide insights and steer through uncertain terrains. At Hetz, the author's venture capital firm, they are fortunate to have venture partners, a business development partner, and a chairman with extensive experience in their respective fields. These experienced team members bring unique perspectives, instincts, networks, and strategic thinking that younger team members cannot replicate through formal education or training. The author encourages young entrepreneurs and investors to value and utilize the experience of those who have gone before them, highlighting the importance of using all available experience to succeed in the startup world.

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