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The 10 most innovative companies in gaming for 2023 [Gankster]

The 10 most innovative companies in gaming for 2023 [Gankster]
Fast Company
March 2, 2023

Gankster, established in 2021, simplifies collaboration in the competitive realm of online gaming. This software serves as a virtual hub, akin to an extensive complex, within the popular gaming chat app Discord. It offers various features such as private chat rooms for team discussions, shared bulletin boards for coordinating scrimmage sessions, and a talent scouting platform resembling classified ads on Craigslist. The platform expanded its support in 2022 to include three new esports—Valorant, Dota2, and Rocket League—and gained popularity within the university esports community. Currently, approximately 1,500 college teams utilize Gankster for practice and talent recruitment. With a successful funding round in November that raised $4 million, the company is experiencing impressive month-to-month growth of over 20%, as reported by the CEO.

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