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The 5 Core Principles of Product Led Sales

The 5 Core Principles of Product Led Sales
Yael Barsheshet
November 6, 2022

Product-Led Sales (PLS) is a go-to-market model that combines the strengths of Product-Led Growth (PLG) and inbound sales. It leverages existing product users as the main customer funnel for the sales team. PLS companies focus on targeting users who have already interacted with the product and have shown interest in using it, based on the assumption that these users are more valuable and reliable than prospects who are just discovering the product.

The PLS playbook differs from the traditional top-down enterprise sales approach. Instead of outbound activities and upfront demonstrations, PLS companies rely on product-centric strategies. Users discover the product on their own, and the sales team's role is to leverage the existing user base to drive revenue growth. While PLG companies aim for zero-touch growth, PLS companies have an active sales team that assists in converting users into paying customers.

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