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The Future Of Tech Disruption Relies On Confronting Local Maximums

The Future Of Tech Disruption Relies On Confronting Local Maximums
Judah Taub
December 8, 2023

The concept of local maximum offers valuable insights into the future of technology. This concept describes a point where progress in a certain area seems to have peaked, but it is not the absolute peak. Such a situation often occurs in various fields, including technology, where despite ongoing efforts, significant advancements become elusive, indicating the need for a shift in approach or paradigm to achieve further improvements.

Judah Taub explores the idea regarding three technology sectors: battery technology, silicon chips, and cement production. In battery technology, the limitations of current lithium-ion systems have been reached, necessitating the exploration of alternatives like lithium-sulfur or solid-state batteries for enhanced performance and sustainability. In the realm of silicon chips, the constraints of Moore's Law are becoming evident, prompting a move towards new materials or quantum computing. Regarding cement, the challenge is its substantial carbon footprint, with innovative materials like ashcrete emerging as more sustainable options. Overcoming these local maximums requires substantial investment and a departure from established methods, presenting challenges in both entrepreneurial and investment contexts. The principle underscores the importance of pursuing innovative solutions and recognizing hidden advantages that could lead to significant breakthroughs in these industries.

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