Check out the Israel Data Stack: the ultimate resource for Israeli data companies.

The Israel Data Stack

Your ultimate resource on data startups in Israel
Liz Cohen
February 29, 2024

The good news: We’re seeing the Israeli data sector growing over the last few years, especially around infrastructure and security. 

The not so good news we’re looking to overcome: The last year has presented some clear challenges to the tech ecosystem overall.  

The Israel Data Stack was launched to support the growing Israeli data stack, at a time when both this sector is incredibly critical and making sure that Israel’s startup ecosystem continues to deliver and scale no matter what. It's a compilation for global corporate data leaders to access and source Israeli companies - from early stage to growth stage. Whether they seek design partnerships or tool adoption, it should be a smooth experience for data leaders to access the Israeli data stack. 

This ultimate resource for Israeli data startups was cooked up by Yoni Steinmetz (product and data leader + Hetz Data Program advisor) with Guy Fighel, plus support from Omer Biber, Liran Cohen, Guy Eshet and Hamutal Meridor

If you’re a data startup founder in Israel, please add your company to the directory. If you’re a corporate data leader looking for the next data stack startup - browse the growing list and be in touch if you’d like a direct intro. 

And if you’re an early data startup in ideation mode - check out the Hetz Data Program.