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[] The Skills Emergency Is Happening Now

[] The Skills Emergency Is Happening Now - Shay David, CEO of retrain
May 9, 2022

Shay David reflects on H.G. Wells' statement from "The Outline of History" about the race between education and catastrophe in human history. It acknowledges the fear of mass unemployment due to the rise of AI and automation, but it highlights historical evidence that technological revolutions ultimately lead to economic wealth and prosperity. However, the current problem faced by the developed world is an employee shortage rather than job loss to machines. There are more job openings than people seeking jobs, but the demand is specific to skilled workers. Individuals without modern skills risk being left behind and becoming perpetually unemployable. Organizations that can't find skilled workers are also at risk. The article emphasizes that the skills gap is an enormous problem and highlights a survey showing that a significant percentage of companies anticipate skills gaps in the near future. Education and upskilling are crucial to avoid the catastrophe of a widening skills gap. Employers need to provide opportunities for employees to develop new skills, while employees seek continuous learning to stay ahead in their careers. The article suggests that HR leaders play a vital role in closing the skills gaps within organizations and retaining talent amid the current shift of power from employers to employees.

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