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[Trigo] The Two Phases To Building A Winning Startup Team

The Two Phases To Building A Winning Startup Team - Michael Gabay, CEO of Trigo
November 11, 2021

Michael Gabay discusses the process of building a winning startup team and draws parallels between forming a team and building a rock band or a city. It highlights the importance of two phases in the team-building process.

In the first phase, it is recommended to start with people you already know and trust. By reaching out to individuals you have worked with before and who share your vision, you can build a professional and stable team. Taking care of the people, the products, and the profits in that order is emphasized as a key principle.

The second phase comes when the company reaches acceleration. At this stage, it is essential to bring in new leaders who can offer fresh perspectives and challenge the existing team while still aligning with the shared vision. The metaphor of a rock band is used to describe the dynamics of a successful team, where each member plays their designated role in sync with the others.

The article also draws inspiration from city planning and emphasizes the importance of designing an interconnected team. It suggests focusing on short-term, realistic, and scalable goals, avoiding chaos while allowing room for innovation, and implementing a support structure to address setbacks and challenges.

The qualities sought in team members include talent, goal orientation, a friendly vibe, teamwork, responsibility, ownership, and an understanding of the bottom line. As the team grows, the aim is to attract A-class individuals who fit into the organization and contribute to taking the enterprise to new heights.

Michael concludes by highlighting the significance of passionate individuals working together toward a common vision and goal. Teamwork is seen as the fuel that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results in a startup.

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