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Trigo is Challenging Amazon In The Race To Transform The $11 Trillion Grocery Retail Market

Trigo is Challenging Amazon In The Race To Transform The $11 Trillion Grocery Retail Market
September 15, 2022

The digital transformation of the grocery retail sector has seen the emergence of startups like Trigo aiming to enhance the grocery shopping experience and compete with Amazon. Trigo has developed a retail operating system that combines AI, smart sensors, and computer vision to create frictionless supermarkets. Their technology allows shoppers to enter the store, select items, and leave without queuing at checkout or scanning any items.

Trigo's system does not use facial recognition or capture biometric data, ensuring privacy compliance. The startup's second application provides real-time visibility of store inventory status, improving stock-replenishment processes and reducing customer dissatisfaction due to out-of-stock items. Trigo's go-to-market approach involves collaboration with established grocery retailers, retrofitting existing stores with their technology and integrating it with the retailer's existing applications and payment options.

The rapid growth of online grocery sales has prompted established retailers to seek solutions for better customer satisfaction, improved inventory management, and seamless integration of physical and online operations. The e-grocery market in the US is projected to account for 20% of grocery sales by 2026. While there are new opportunities in this evolving shopping environment, retailers and startups face challenges in convincing consumers to adopt new technologies and change their shopping habits.

Retailers are experimenting with alternative solutions, such as smart carts and scan-and-go technologies. Amazon, the dominant player in the market, has also been evolving its strategies, including retrofitting existing stores with its cashierless technology and offering store analytics to CPG companies based on data collected from Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh stores. The promise of digital transformation in the shopping experience is to improve customer satisfaction, increase product selection and availability, and deliver personalized promotions and advertising.

Overall, the grocery retail sector is undergoing significant changes driven by digital transformation, with startups like Trigo and established retailers exploring innovative solutions to meet consumer demands and enhance the shopping experience.

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