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Trigo Partners with German Grocer REWE for Cashierless Checkout Stores

Israel-based Trigo announced its partnership with Germany’s 2nd largest grocery chain, REWE, to create a cashierless checkout store in downtown Cologne, Germany.
The Spoon
May 5, 2021

Trigo, an Israeli company specializing in cashierless checkout technology, has partnered with REWE, Germany's second-largest grocery chain, to create a cashierless store in Cologne, Germany. Trigo's technology combines shelf sensors, cameras, computer vision, and AI to enable a "grab and go" shopping experience. Customers scan a mobile app when entering the store, select the items they want, and are automatically charged upon exiting. Initially, the cashierless checkout experience at the REWE store will be limited to employees, but it will expand to the public later this summer. The partnership marks Trigo's first expansion into Germany, following its existing arrangements with Shufersal in Israel and Tesco in the UK. The cashierless checkout sector has seen significant activity in Europe, with companies like Nomitri, Sensei, Imagr, and Wundermart making strides in the market. Retailers are exploring cashierless checkout as a way to enhance the in-person shopping experience and reduce human-to-human interaction, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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