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UK's Hetz Ventures sets up $50m Israel VC fund

Hetz is the first British fund exclusively targeting Israeli startups. Lord Feldman is one of the founding partners.
February 3, 2018

Hetz Ventures is a UK venture capital fund that exclusively targets Israeli startups. It is the first all-UK fund dedicated to investing in Israeli ventures. The fund, with a size of $50 million, focuses on early-stage Israeli startups and aims to invest in no more than 12 companies. The founding partners of Hetz Ventures are Lord Andrew Feldman, Stuart Roden, and Judah Taub, who bring diverse backgrounds and connections to the Israeli high-tech market. The fund seeks startups with technology that can serve the retail, financial, and holding company sectors. Hetz Ventures emphasizes providing added value to the invested companies by leveraging its connections with international customers. The fund has 15-20 UK investors, each contributing between $2.5-3.3 million. The founders believe that Israeli startups have strong marketing talents and see an opportunity to introduce sophisticated UK investors to the exciting technological innovation happening in Israel. They also highlight the advantages of accessing UK markets and investors for Israeli companies.

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