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[Trigo] What Retail Leaders Need To Know About Autonomous Stores

What Retail Leaders Need To Know About Autonomous Stores
April 19, 2022

For a while now, checkout lines have been able to be avoided by ordering groceries, clothing, household goods and more online and having purchases delivered to your home. More recently, a growing number of physical retail locations are offering curbside pickup, which reduces browsing and shopping time and can be slightly faster than buying online. However, experts say that they see the real battle for consumer dollars not as a physical versus online duel but as an omnichannel one that research shows is favored by nearly 70% of millennials.

Consider that companies that offer their customers an omnichannel shopping experience based on a strong engagement strategy retain about 89% of their customers. It’s clear that as retail channels become increasingly fragmented, physical experiences are still—and look to remain—a meaningful and compelling part of customer engagement. Customers want a frictionless, convenient and satisfying shopping experience, and it’s up to retailers to deliver it.

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