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What Startups Need To Know To Navigate The Next Phase Of Remote Work

Judah Taub in Forbes: "Remote work requires more than just cutting costs"
Judah Taub
June 9, 2023

The past three years have brought significant changes to the way companies approach remote work, with startups embracing it for cost-efficiency and productivity.

However, founders and team leads have realized that remote work requires more than just cutting costs; it demands finding the right balance for effective operation. Consistency in rules and policies is crucial to remote work success, ensuring clear expectations and standardized practices for all employees. Culture should also be prioritized, with virtual team-building activities and effective communication to foster a positive remote work culture. Strategic outsourcing of entire functions can be beneficial, but mixing outsourced and in-house tasks within the same team should be avoided. Time zone differences need to be managed by scheduling meetings at convenient times, utilizing technology tools, and setting clear expectations. Additionally, addressing higher churn rates among remote workers requires regular feedback, skill development opportunities, work-life balance promotion, and fostering a sense of community and belonging.

By proactively addressing these challenges, startups can thrive in remote or hybrid work settings and realize the benefits of these setups.

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