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When 'good enough' is the enermy of 'perfect'

When ‘good enough’ is the enemy of ‘perfect’ Trigo is bringing seamless checkout to a leading German supermarket — showing how to take a complicated mission and aim for perfection.
Judah Taub
May 24, 2021

To achieve true innovation that transforms our lives, it requires a specific mentality, drive, and discipline. Shifting goalposts and settling for "good enough" won't lead to groundbreaking changes like those brought by Netflix, iPhone, or Amazon. Trigo, a company focused on creating cashier-less checkout solutions for retailers, exemplifies the commitment to maintaining the original goals. While competitors may compromise on requirements, such as store size or accuracy, Trigo stays true to its vision of a non-compromising solution. This dedication is ingrained in Trigo's DNA, with founders and team members coming from elite military backgrounds, instilling a culture of unwavering commitment to the mission. By keeping the goalposts in place, startups can achieve results that go beyond mediocrity and strive for excellence.

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