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Wilco Raises $7M To Help Software Developers Up-Skill Their Careers

Wilco, a startup founded by On Freund, Shem Magnezi and Alon Carmel, provides software engineers with a dedicated training platform to help them up-skill themselves through simulations mirroring real-life developer scenarios.
June 19, 2022

Wilco is a startup that provides software engineers with a dedicated training platform to improve their skills through simulations. They recently raised $7 million in a seed round led by Hetz Ventures. The platform, founded in August 2021, aims to create an engaging experience for developers and plans to develop a "community editor" for users to craft their own skill-sharpening quests. While there are other training products and coding bootcamps available, Wilco's focus on immersive scenarios and mirroring real-world problems sets it apart. Initially targeting smaller engineering teams, Wilco plans to expand to larger organizations in the future. The platform incorporates storytelling to enhance the user experience and aims to balance the needs of both learning specialists and developers. The startup is committed to diversity and has a higher proportion of women on their team, fostering an inclusive environment.

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