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All-in-one competitive gaming platform

Gankster is revolutionizing the competitive gaming industry with its all-in-one platform that connects individuals, teams, publishers, and tournament organizers. As the go-to solution for gamers, Gankster centralizes every aspect beyond matchmaking, including recruiting, tournaments, practices, and match data. With Gankster, teaming up, practicing, and competing in your favorite games has never been easier. This comprehensive platform supports non-toxic gaming through its innovative GANKREP 1.0 reputation system and always-verified opponents. Quickly find and schedule scrims with verified teams, effortlessly accessing their rank, roster, and reputation.

Booking scrims with connected teams is a breeze with Gankster's real-time scheduling feature. Customers can easily view when the teams are available for scrims, ensuring efficient coordination. Additionally, Gankster empowers gamers to build their dream teams. Whether you need to fill specific roles or are seeking a particular role yourself, Gankster provides a platform for like-minded individuals to come together and conquer the competition.

The Gankster team, including founders Dan Rosenshain (CTO), Uriya Schwarz (CEO), Daniel Kochav (VP R&D), Idan Amir, and Oren Segal