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Silk Security
Optimizing the security remediation process

Silk is the first platform that enables enterprises to take a strategic, sustainable approach to resolving code, infrastructure and application risk. Silk’s holistic approach enables operations and security stakeholders to collaboratively align finding risk with fixing risk - enhancing enterprise security posture and centralizing visibility and auditability for resolution status.

Silk incorporates AI technologies to consolidate and contextualize findings from multiple detection tools, automates prioritization based on severity, asset profiles and environmental factors, and predictively assigns fix ownership. By connecting findings to assets, and understanding the infrastructure used to deploy and provision these assets, Silk is able to pinpoint the root cause for related run-time or production security findings - and advise on which fix will resolve multiple findings. Silk then helps security teams and fix owners to close the loop through actionable remediation advice, and can free up security teams from chasing fixers by automating the follow up process.

Silk Security Co-Founders: Bar Katz, Or Priel and Yoav Nathaniel