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Production-like environments for developers, on demand.

Velocity is a cutting-edge company that empowers developers with production-like environments on demand. By enabling developers to effortlessly create fully isolated environments that mimic production settings, Velocity significantly enhances R&D velocity. Gone are the days of waiting for centralized resource allocation to test code in a production environment. With Velocity, developers can seamlessly work within their preferred IDE, leveraging local development and debugging capabilities, while their application's dependencies are executed remotely. No need to grapple with cumbersome YAML files – Velocity seamlessly integrates with your preferred tools and services. 

By replicating real use cases that occur in production, Velocity eradicates errors and ensures seamless deployment. Moreover, Velocity holds the esteemed SOC2 certification and provides support for single sign-on (SSO), offering unrivaled control over cloud infrastructure, data, and security.

Velocity founders Tal Kain and Kobi Meirson

Velocity raises $17M to spin up ‘production-like’ environments for software development

Velocity raises $17M to spin up ‘production-like’ environments for software development