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Upskilling platform for Software Engineers

Wilco is an upskilling platform designed specifically for software engineers. With a comprehensive and ever-expanding quest catalog, Wilco caters to developers of all experience levels. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced professional, you'll find a wide range of quests tailored to enhance your skills and knowledge. 

From deploying applications and troubleshooting bugs to implementing innovative features and monitoring performance through observability tools, Wilco provides a diverse array of learning opportunities. Moreover, Wilco's platform is built to serve both Back-End and Front-End engineers, ensuring that professionals from all domains can benefit from its resources. Stay tuned, as Wilco also offers the exciting prospect of creating your own personalized quests in the near future.

Wilco Raises $7M To Help Software Developers Up-Skill Their Careers
Wilco founders include Alon Carmel, On Freund and Shem Magnezi. Also pictured: Eti Noked, Wilco's VP R&D.