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AI assistant for software developers

Tabnine is an AI assistant for software developers that revolutionizes the coding process. With its advanced capabilities, Tabnine enables developers to code faster and more efficiently. By leveraging generative AI technology, Tabnine provides automated code-completion that predicts the most likely code to be written based on the context of the code already written by the developer. This intelligent assistant suggests next lines of code, offering whole line code completions, full-function code completions, and even natural language to code conversions. 

Tabnine's powerful AI completions can be seamlessly integrated into various environments, including a developer's laptop, a server inside the firewall, or the cloud. Tabnine prioritizes security and compliance, ensuring its support aligns with individual requirements. Empowering developers with its cutting-edge AI capabilities, Tabnine enhances productivity and streamlines the coding experience.

Tabnine founders Eran Yahav and Dror Weiss

Tabnine raises $15.5M for AI that autocompletes code

Tabnine raises $15.5M for AI that autocompletes code